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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the levy, and how is it different than a bond?

The Spokane community has a long history of supporting Spokane Public Schools levies and bonds to provide a well-rounded education in updated school facilities for students. 

Through a levy, local communities help enrich basic education programs and activities not funded by the state that are necessary to provide students with a well-rounded education. The February 2024 replacement levy is being planned to maintain essential services and positions to serve students, including nurses, counselors, reasonable class sizes, extracurricular activities and more.

A bond gives local communities the opportunity to fund new or modernized schools, facility, and security improvements. Bond monies cannot be used to operate schools and fund programs. The February ballot will also include a bond measure to fund schools needing repairs.

The levy and bond package information can be found on the Spokane Public Schools website.

Levies require a simple majority for passage (50%+) while bonds require a super-majority for passage (60%+).

Over the last few months, the School District has been engaging constituents in the planning for the 2024 facility improvement bond and program operation levy renewals. Be looking for updates and we hope you will continue to support a strong education system for Spokane.

How much of the district's overall budget is spent on central administration?

As information is shared about the upcoming levy and prepare for the budget season, we often receive questions or comments about the amount of budget devoted to administration. Spokane Public Schools has consistently operated with a smaller central office staff than other districts of similar size. Below you will see the percentage of budget that is spent on central administration with comparisons to other districts.

Spokane - 4.4%
Evergreen - 5.3%
Vancouver - 5.3%
Federal Way - 5.7%
Tacoma - 5.7%
Seattle - 6.0%
Kent - 6.1%


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